Xbox One Gets Major Twitch Update For Users

One of the most anticipated features of the Xbox One has been the addition of Twitch, which allows broadcasting of games across the Internet. On Tuesday, Microsoft updated the Twitch app and services, making Twitch even more useful, which will help during the holiday season.

The updates to the Twitch app will only make it more exciting for both Xbox One and gamers using both services. The addition of filtering features, game play stats, and options will make the Twitch service for users. This will help it sell over the holiday season as well.

Microsoft's Xbox One Gets Twitch App Update

Real-Time Stats Updated

One of the major updates made to the Twitch app on the Xbox One is the updating of real-time stats on the service. Twitch will bring users a new way to search for stats using the Xbox One and Twitch services, and attract users by skill and more. This will only make the service thrill more to use.

The other thing added to the Xbox One app with Twitch, is the video of demand service added to it. The Xbox One is the only service with Twitch that allows for video on demand, and users can see past highlights of games, even when online. This makes it shine with top notch gamers and their recorded gameplay.

Microsoft Shows Off Revised Xbox One App For Twitch Gaming Service

Home Screen Redone

The other part that has been overhauled, it the home screen of the Twitch app. The home page has been reorganized, and gives users a more personalized experience, which should be a crowd pleaser. Users can follow games, channels, and they all appear on the home page, which makes it easier to navigate. New profile pages have been introduced as well.

What this shows for Microsoft and Xbox One users, is that Twitch is used on the Xbox One, and used a lot. It’s something that gamers love to show off to others, and makes the Xbox One fun to use. A more personalized approach to it clears up any bugs, and gives the user a cleaner experience to enjoy on their Xbox One devices.

I love Twitch and use it on the Xbox One. Now, the new app just makes it better for all.

Published: Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 Last Modified: December 10, 2014

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