Xbox One Gets China Sales Numbers and New Apps

While Monday was full of tech news from Microsoft’s various divisions, one of the biggest newsmakers was from the Xbox One line. The next-generation console made the first week in China, plus is giving users more apps to enjoy on their units. Making the Xbox One a great addition for anyone.

The news from Microsoft and the Xbox One is still unofficial, but the overall feeling is that the console sold well in its opening week. That, mixed with new apps that will be arriving this week, showcase what Microsoft is looking to do with the Xbox One both in the US, and around the globe.

Microsoft Reportedly Sells 100,000 Xbox One Units In China In First Week

100,000 Units Sold In China

According to various reports, Xbox One in China during its first week became a huge hit. Microsoft isn’t confirming sales numbers, but the reports of the Xbox One selling upwards of 100,000 units in China is becoming very beliveable. This would be very impressive, since China hasn’t had a real gaming market in years, and Microsoft essentially owns the next-generation market in the country until Sony arrives at some time.

The console did arrive with some issues when it initially launched, but Microsoft and the Chinese government made the needed changes to make sure it launched in time. The Chinese news site 17173 and Sina news are sharing the huge popularity of the Xbox One in China, and showing that China will become a huge hit for Microsoft. It is huge there, while still struggling against pro-Sony countries like Japan and South Korea.

Microsoft Launching NHL GameCenter & Plex On Xbox One

Plex and NHL Arrive On Xbox One

With the huge sales numbers of the Xbox One in China, Microsoft also announced two new apps coming to the Xbox One this week. The first is the NHL GameCenter Live app. This will allow Xbox One users to track their teams, get a personalized experience, and watch content around the league. It is a must for hockey fans, and a must download for those looking for their Hockey fix this year.

The other major app this week is the Plex app for the Xbox One. This has been a highly wanted app, and now it will be a new app this week. It grabs cover art and metadata from a media library and allows users to watch content from across their network on the Xbox One. It has a ton of new and exclusive Xbox One features include Kinect voice and gesture controls. Grab your movies and watch them on Plex, and experience the Xbox One media experience at a new level.

Kudos to Xbox One and its success. Now with Plex and the NHL apps, it means I’m a happier Xbox One owner.

Published: Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 Last Modified: October 7, 2014

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