Xbox One Gameplay Broadcasting Delayed Until 2014

In one of the more surprising announcements about the Xbox One on Tuesday, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One’s ability to push live broadcasts live online would be delayed until the first half of 2014. The surprising move was a huge part of the Xbox One strategy and is troublesome to Xbox One fans.

The delay is all about the app, and problems surrounding the ability to steam live gameplay via the app. Microsoft announced that they are working on it, and making sure it meets the expectations of the Twich community, and as of now it isn’t.

Xbox One Users Have To Wait To Enjoy Twich App

How It Works

As Microsoft detailed the app on its Xbox Wire post, the app will allow users to view full content from all the Twich players, just not their own for now. Users will be able to watch game players all over the world play, and will utilize amazing features to allow this to be enjoyed on the big screen.

The snap mode and instant switching modes will be available on the Twich app. Users can watch Twich videos while playing their game, watch TV, or enjoy other apps at the same time. Voice commands will be active as well, and users can go to the Xbox OneGuide as well to view items from the Twich Catalog.

Twich App For Xbox One Delayed Until 2014

Microsoft Announcing Achievements On Twich App

While disappointment came from this announcement, Microsoft announced that the Twich viewing app will have achievements for viewing gameplay of others on the Xbox One. Newcomer, Competitive, Best Viewer, Hipster, Talent Scout, Max Bandwidth, Around The Clock, and Prime Time Achievements will be available to viewers to unlock.

The ability to gain achievements will make some happy and sadden others, since this ability to stream was a huge part of the Xbox One. Microsoft is making sure that the app meets gamers expectations, but the Twich community seems to be the major concern. No comments were made from either company in regards to any side stories for the announcement, but it should still make it a hit otherwise.

I am sad by this news, but it’s for the best for Microsoft and the Xbox One. It’s a huge part, and this should have been fixed before the rollout.

Published: Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Last Modified: November 24, 2013

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