Xbox One Gains Speed Boost

With all the talk on Monday surrounding the Microsoft and Nokia merger, fans of the upcoming Xbox One got huge news which should make them happy. The news released by Xbox Chief Marketing Officer Yusef Mehdi shows that the Xbox One will have more computing power than before.

The CPS update from 1.6GHz to 1.75GHz was announced by Yusef Medi at the Citi Global Technology Conference was huge news to Xbox One fans. The inclusion of a faster and more powerful CPU processor, will give users more computing power than expected and more reasons to buy it later this year.


1.6GHz To 1.75GHz

The CPU speed of the Xbox One will include a faster and more powerful CPU when it launches on store shelves in November. The big improvement of the processing speed will enable the unit to deliver faster and more robust graphics along with being able to handle the Blu-Ray and online capabilities of the Xbox One.

Xbox One In Full Production

The other main bit of news released on Monday surrounding the Xbox One was about the production of the Xbox One. Yusef Mehdi announced that the Xbox One is in full production, and that plans are still on for the November 2013 date. Although no official date was announced, the competing Playstation 4 date of November 15th is a good estimate date.

More Power Justifying Larger Price

With the latest news about the Xbox One and the boost of power in the CPU, fans are wondering on message boards and forums whether or not this justifies the larger price tag. The fans who love raw power, the Xbox Live ecosystem, and the exclusive titles available for the Xbox One should make that an easy sale in November.

The latest news adds to all the speculation and rumors surrounding the Xbox One, and this only adds to pre sales for the console. This will give fans an idea of how much power the Xbox One will have, and the abilities of the unit. What this turns out to be in regards to video gameplay and Blu-Ray playback is still unsure, but Microsoft is slowly leaking out details for the November release.

Published: Thursday, September 5th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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