Xbox One February Update Details Surface

As the Xbox One from Microsoft has sold millions around the globe, many users wonder when the console make will be updating the console with software updates. On Wednesday, the company gave additional information about the upcoming updates that should please Xbox One users.

The news as released from Xbox Chief Product Officer Marc Whitten, details what will be covered in the February and March updates. The first update will cover more cosmetic changes, but the March update will be more of an overhaul for users and should be exciting.

Microsoft Details February 2014 Update For Xbox One

February 2014 Update

The initial Xbox One update will be released to users on February 11th, and contain more under the hood updates. Microsoft stated that it will include Kinect recognition improvement, tools for developers, and stability updates for users. Additionally, other cosmetic updates will be visually available to users.

Two of the more substantive updates for Xbox One users with the February update will be the ability to see how much hard drive space is available. This is important for those looking to install games and apps, and offer management support. Also, a battery meter for gamepads and USB keyboard support will be available in the update in February.

Microsoft Scheduled To Release Multiple Updates For Xbox One In February And March

March 2014 Update

The second Xbox One update is scheduled for March 4th, and should be a major overhaul for Xbox One users. Since Titanfall is scheduled for release during the following week, it is the perfect time for an update. A new party and multiplayer system will be included, and possibly support for streaming and possibly more.

It sounds like the March 2014 update is going to be the major update for Xbox One users. The update will give party and multiplayer support, and this should make Xbox One gamers happy since it was initially missing during the Xbox One initial launch. The Playstation 4 offers streaming support, so the Xbox One will need to step up to match and surpass them, especially when looking to launch in other countries late in 2014.

It is clear that the Xbox One is scheduled for major updates in 2014. Whether or not users will appreciate and use them is always an interesting prospect.

Published: Friday, February 7th, 2014 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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