Xbox-One Features: Live TV, Voice-Control, Multi-Monitor Support

Xbox One Multi Monitor Support_ll Along with Tuesday’s announcement of the Xbox One, Microsoft announced a brand new series of features that will be found in the Xbox one.

The flurry of new features included in the entertainment system drastically improves on the current Xbox 360 system, and launches the Xbox One system as the future for Microsoft and it’s entertainment ecosystem. The varying number of included features, available options, and inclusions in the Xbox One rivals that of the Playstation 4 and beats them in many side by side comparisons, although neither system is released as of yet.

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Live TV

With the Xbox One, Microsoft announced TV on Xbox One, a home dashboard, Snap, Skype for Xbox One, trending features, and the One guide. With the TV on Xbox One, Microsoft allows for an overlay via HDMI in and out ports and includes the ability to watch live tv directly from the live tv providers around the world. The home dashboard on the Xbox One includes a welcome to your favorite games, TV shows, or videos on the Xbox One.

Snap Feature: Multiple TV’s Supported

One of the most fascinating features of the Xbox One by Microsoft is the Snap feature. This allows users to have multiple screens side by side, so for instance you can video chat on one side and play Call of Duty on the other side. With the video calling, Microsoft announced Skype integration with the Xbox One and this will give consumers the ability to hold Skype video calls from the tv. The latest purchase of Skype by Microsoft seems to make sense with this integration into the Xbox One and should be a huge selling feature.

Search network with your voice

Other features of the Xbox One introduced by Microsoft include the trending feature, which gives users the latest and greatest tv or videos online. The OneGuide was also announced as a feature, and that lets users search across the Xbox One for anything on their network or game system with the sound of their voice.

With the eight-core x86 processor, Microsoft has truly brought the Xbox One into the future of video game systems and home entertainment systems for the next ten eyars. It should be interesting to see announcements in the next few months regarding pricing and availability of the Xbox One and see how it compares against Sony’s Playstation 4 and any possible updates by Nintendo.

Published: Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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