Xbox One Dashboard And Multitasking Video Released

For Xbox One fans, Microsoft on Monday released a brand new video on Youtube and their own site that details the new Xbox One Dashboard and Xbox One Multitasking. The video follows the Xbox One Invitation ad launched this past weekend debuting the capabilities of the Xbox One.

The video from Microsoft and Xbox One titled, “Meet Xbox One”, shows the abilities of the Kinect, switching between games, TV shows, apps, and other programs on the Xbox One. Users will be able to use all the voice commands of the Xbox One all across the unit, which should help it sell well in November.

Microsoft Releases New Video Of Xbox One Dashboard and Multitasking

Easy Switching Between Programs

One of the biggest additions that Xbox One fans will see is the quick switching between all of their Xbox One programs. Users will be able to switch between playing a game of Forza Motorsports, to their favorite TV show, to their favorite music, and then anything else that rests on the Xbox One unit.

This easy task switching on the Xbox One should be huge for new purchasers of the Xbox One and those moving from the Xbox 360. The easy using of issuing commands to switch between programs and then switching to perhaps a Skype call with a loved one also shows the processing power of the Xbox One.

Xbox One Dashboard And Voice Commands Highlighted In Video

Dashboard And Voice Command Improvement

But, the Xbox One dashboard overview in the released video shows where the Xbox One shines. It fully shows off where games, videos, TV shows, and other apps sit on the Xbox One Dashboard. In the video released by Microsoft, it is very fast to move between apps, and should give the Playstation 4 a run for its money next month.

The voice command are also showing off the power of Kinect. Before, users were not able to do much on the Xbox 360, but now tasks like snapping an application into split-screen mode, or launching multiple apps within the screens is possible. Also, users will find the easy ability to record game video just a voice command away, and that should make gamers very happy.

I think that this Xbox One video shows off the power of the Xbox One and its capabilities. The Xbox One is surely the console to beat, and the two latest videos show that 100% of the way.

Published: Wednesday, October 30th, 2013 Last Modified: October 30, 2013

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