Xbox One Crushes Playstation In November 2014 Numbers

The Xbox One from Microsoft is the leader in sales for next-generation consoles, and its clear that Microsoft has quite a hit on their hands. On Friday, sales numbers were released for November 2014, and they show that the Xbox One beat the Playstation 4, to be the early holiday leader.

The lead of Xbox One sales during November 2014 is a good sign that Microsoft is winning users. It helps that they cut the price of the unit by $50 for many, but the recent onslaught of games and big titles, plus frequent monthly updates to the system, mean that the Xbox One is winning with users.

Microsoft Beats Sony In Xbox One Sales For November 2014

November 2014 Numbers

The November 2014 sales numbers are released by the NPD market research group, and are the main sales numbers that video game makers go by for sales. The Xbox One sold an estimated 1.2 million units in the United States, and that is a huge number. The console is showing its strength with big sales and great user support.

The Xbox One also is ranked as the top-selling console in the United Kingdom, and that is showing the power of the Xbox One as a global brand. The system is enjoying having fans playing over 357 million hours of gameplay globally, and that is a huge number considering the economy of the global video game industry.

Microsoft Beats Sony In November 2014, But December 2014 Is Near

Sales Dropping In US

The interesting news on the video game industry came in the Xbox One sales numbers as well. The NPD Group stated that the total dollar sales from video-game hardware in the US declined 23 percent, resulting in $1 billion. This could be a result of the lower Xbox One sales price, and the lowering of Xbox 360 prices as well.

While the Xbox One from Microsoft can enjoy the good news of a November 2014 victory, the brand still has a ways to go to beat Sony in overall worldwide sales numbers. Sony got a huge lead on Microsoft with its global launch of the Playstation 4, but Microsoft is doing everything it can to make a comeback.

The Xbox One is a huge hit from Microsoft. November proved it won, but December 2014 proves the real deal as holiday sales will determine the holiday fate.

Published: Saturday, December 13th, 2014 Last Modified: December 13, 2014

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