Xbox One Announces Backwards Compatibility and DVR Updates

The Xbox One has been kind of quiet in the newsfront in the past month, and hasn’t had a ton of news come out about it since E3. On Tuesday though, updates about the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility and DVR Features were announced, giving Xbox One fans something to savor after.

Some of the biggest news from E3 from Microsoft surfaced around the backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. It was stated later this year, but at Tuesday’s Gamescom briefing, Microsoft came out with the official timeframe, plus hinted about upcoming DVR features.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One Users Backwards Compatibility With Xbox 360 Titles

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Arrives In November

The first big thing to come out of Gamescom was the final announcement of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. it will be launching for everyone in November, and is only available to preview members now. Microsoft and Xbox are stating that it will have over a hundred games at launch.

The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility will have hundreds of more games down the road according to the announcement, and Microsoft listed an initial launch of games on their site. All future Xbox 360 Games With Gold, will also be 100% backwards compatible with the Xbox One as well.

Microsoft Shows Off DVR Features For Xbox One Coming Soon

New DVR Features For Xbox One

Along with the announcement about backwards compatibility, Gamescom and Microsoft also brought news about the upcoming DVR features. The first feature will allow users to schedule programming and record over the air content with upcoming features later this year to the Xbox One.

The new DVR feature will allow users to switch back and forth between gaming and TV, record shows, and fast-forward playback. It will give users the traditional DVR features, and make the Xbox One more exciting. It will require an over the air antenna to work though, for around $80.

The Xbox One is getting better by the day. Now, with backwards compatibility and DVR features, it should be a truly great living room device.

Published: Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 Last Modified: August 5, 2015

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