Xbox One Achievements Coming To

Xbox One users are the next-generation console owners, and have had to deal with some minor issues with the site in regards to view and post achievements. On Friday, Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced that this delay would no longer happen, with updates coming to

On his Major Nelson blog, the details about the upcoming Xbox One Achievements coming to were announced and put together in a YouTube video. The video shows off how users Xbox One achievements will be cross posted to, and allow for viewing by anyone.

Microsoft Announces Updates To With Xbox One Integration

Why Matters

Achievements, friends, followers, and game clips make the Xbox One that next-generation console that users enjoy. They want to show it off to more than just their internal group of friends, and now will be able to share it on The site gets a huge number of visitors, and now they will be able to view these starting next week.

Xbox One users love to post video clips of their favorite touchdown, favorite basket, their latest kill, or frag while taking down a plane. By now posting it on, more and more users unfamiliar with Xbox will be able to view them. It will only make Xbox One and stronger, and these are much needed updates. Includes Xbox One Features And Game Clips Starting Next Week

Xbox One Updates Coming

These latest updates for Xbox One are the latest in updates for the Xbox One system. Microsoft rolled out its June preview update to users, and these updates should be rolling out to users in early July. While these aren’t the staggering updates that the Xbox One got in the past few months, they will be noticed.

Microsoft is making updates to the Xbox One on a regular basis, and giving users what they want. Microsoft is giving users wanted features, listening to their needs, and updating it on a monthly basis. They are also being very public with these updates, and is more than Sony now. The Xbox One with its latest price drop at $399 also makes it a lot more affordable with the price cut.

These Xbox One updates are great for is a huge site, and now will be a better site.

Published: Saturday, June 28th, 2014 Last Modified: June 28, 2014

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