Xbox Music Updated For iOS Users Finally

On Wednesday, Microsoft and Xbox teamed up to give their iOS users a much needed update to the Xbox Music application. The latest updates to the app are live on the iTunes app store, and allow for greater playback and offline support, which should please many fans.

In updating its Xbox Music app, Microsoft is courting iOS fans who enjoy the Xbox Music app, courting Xbox One and Xbox 360 users with iPhones, and expanding the Xbox Music process. By listening to its users, Microsoft is showing its not just a Windows company after all.

Microsoft Updates Xbox Music App For iOS Users

Updates Made For iOS Users

In making its updates to the Xbox Music app, Microsoft is expanding its Xbox Music Pass to users of iPhones and iPads. The updates allow users to listen to as much music for the $10 per month subscription, and gives them a cross platform listening ability with that and the Xbox platforms.

The latest updates allow for users to make playlists offline and then listen to them offline, which is a huge update. For users who travel and don’t have any type of connectivity, the ability to not listen to Xbox Music songs and albums wasn’t available. Now, the ability to listen to your favorite songs in a plane or train is a reality.

Microsoft Shows Off Offline Music Abilities With Xbox Music App Update

Why Court The iOS Crowd?

The Xbox Music Pass program is something that iOS users enjoy, as Apple doesn’t offer a subscription music program. With it, Microsoft can get those dollars in action who want this type of all you can eat music plan, and get them using Xbox platforms too. Some have Windows machines and Xbox consoles, and this means you please them as well.

Microsoft is listening to users in both iOS and Android camps, and this type of app update shows that Microsoft is wanting to please them with quality products. Offline playlists and the ability to listen to music was a huge request, and now more users can try the Xbox Music Pass out and see if it works for them. Microsoft has expanded the Xbox Music platform as of late, and this is a move in the positive direction.

I enjoy the Xbox Music Pass and use it daily. I have an iPhone sitting around, and will probably update it and get it going tonight.

Published: Thursday, January 9th, 2014 Last Modified: January 9, 2014

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