Xbox Music Transforms Into Groove Music

As the battle for streaming music becomes highly competitive, Microsoft knows that their Xbox Music platform needs to compete with Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and others. On Monday, Microsoft announced a surprise rebranding of Xbox Music and will call it Groove, which will launch with Windows 10.

The rebranding of Xbox Music to Groove was announced on the Blogging Windows Blog at by Microsoft, and caught many offguard. It’s all part of the new entertainment options for Windows 10, and includes multiple parts of multimedia sections taking form for Windows 10.

Microsoft Turns Xbox Music Into Groove


Groove will be the new Music app and platform that will come with Windows 10. Microsoft asked their customers what they want, and found the Groove name as something that shows the evolution of the current Xbox Music experience to Windows 10. The new experience will debut itself soon.

The Groove music experience will include a new look and feel for users. It will also make for easier access to music on devices and cloud platforms. Microsoft is also relaunching the Groove Music Pass for $9.99 per month or $99 per year, and will get users access to over 40 million tracks.

Microsoft Transforms Movies and TV Into New App For Windows 10

Movies & TV

The videos on Windows 10 will now give users a brand new Windows 10 Movies and TV app to enjoy. Users can import videos with the app, and has brand new controls that fit the mouse, keyboard, and touch. New menus and support for MKV video out of the box also are included with the new app.

The Movies and TV app will also include a new Windows Store to enjoy new videos, rentals, and TV shows. It will be available for all Windows 10 devices, Xbox devices, and the web. Users can use the store to watch one movie across multiple devices as well. Microsoft is also courting feedback on these new apps via a feedback engine.

Groove is music now for Microsoft. It looks hot, and will be available soon with Windows 10.

Published: Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 Last Modified: July 8, 2015

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