Xbox Music Is Microsoft’s Attempt To Bring Music Services Together In Typical Metro Style

Xbox Music Screenshot Th Microsoft announced Xbox Music is now available, coinciding with the latest Xbox Live dashboard update. The music and streaming service is not an iTunes or Spotify rivals: its both, and more.

Xbox Music is an all-in-one service combining the features of its competitors, Microsoft revealed, replacing the effectively defunct Zune service

Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business of Marketing and Strategy, said there are many services available that do a good job. Though he added a service isn’t offering its and rivals features in a unified experience.

Mehdi also said in the sratement at Microsoft’s website that download-to-own music, subscription services, or free streaming isn’t available. The aim of Xbox Music is bring value in a simple service, and making the service attractive to use, while working across multiple devices.

Xbox Music

For example, users can listen to music for free like with Spotify, and create playlists and mixes and radio stations based on artists. Take iTunes, and users buy music, create playlists with unlimited skipping via the Smart DJ feature, and buy music.

Interestingly free music streaming on a tablet in unique to Windows 8 because of rights Microsoft acquired. Mehdi also talked about combining digital and physical music library, admitting it can be difficult.

A Beautiful, Full-Featured Package, Working Across Its Microsoft’s services

Scott Porter, principal program manager of Xbox Music, said the problem has arisen over the past several years. He added Microsoft’s aspirations are to create beautiful packaages combining the aforementioned features.

Music steaming is ad-free and works across PCs and tablet. Unlimited streaming costs $9.99 per month. Music is sent to the cloud, and works acros Windows Phone 8 and Xbox 360 devices when signing in. Music appears on the platforms instantly.

It’s an interesting approach from Microsoft. Apple is yet to delve in music streaming with iTunes, though whether rising competition means it needs to is unknown. The platform continues to prove very popular as the place to buy digital music, even if prices are questionable in instances.

Xbox Music launches this year, replacing Zune, though Microsoft is committed to the users, it explained on Xbox Music’s website. The Fall Xbox Live dashboard update releases this month.

Published: Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 Last Modified: October 16, 2012

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