Xbox Music For Windows 8.1 Detailed

In a very detailed blog post on Tuesday, Microsoft’s AlexGarden, who is the general manager of Xbox MVR, went into details on the new Xbox Music app for Windows 8.1. The new awesome enhancements will give users great new ways to enjoy music and video on Windows 8.1 and in all new ways.

By making these updates within Windows 8.1, Microsoft is able to give users great new experiences when listening to their music and videos. Things like being able to play TV and movies from Windows 8.1 to Xbox One and Xbox 360 are just the tip of the iceberg for the updates.

Microsoft Details New Xbox Music App For Windows 8.1

Single Page Layout

In redesigning the Xbox Music app, Microsoft is able to convert the 3 previous layers of the app into one streamlined page with callouts. These callouts allow the app features including collection, streaming radio, the store and playlists to be found. By clicking on the title, users will be able to access these features easily.

Playback controls have also been greatly enhanced by making them visible on the screen, which makes it easy to pause, skip to a new song, or listen to it over and over again. The design of the playback controls has been rigorously tested by Microsoft according to their post, and users should hopefully find it very simple to use.

Brand New Views and Detailed Album Art For Xbox Music App

Windows 8.1 Performance Enhancements

With Windows 8.1 being redone from the start, users will now be able to launch directly into their collections by default, and see rich album views that customers have been wanting for a long time. Beautiful grid views of the album art and playlists will be viewable throughout Windows 8.1 and on Xbox Music.

Along with the system improvements, the app is now viewable in 50/50 or in snapped mode. Nav bars collapse, the app will scale down to the window, and in snapped mode it will scale down to a minimum size. The improvements will also be viewable in the future Windows 8.1 tablets which are scheduled to be announced later this year. Users will also be able to store music on a SD card and have it show up on their music library, which should make users who use music in this format happy.

Overall, Xbox Music has been overhauled and redone properly. It is a brand new exciting app and should showcase Windows 8.1 come later this year.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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