Xbox Music and Xbox Video App Gets Major Update

The Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps are getting more and more attention around the world, and their updates are coming fast and furious from Microsoft. On Monday, Microsoft updated the Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps for Windows 8.1, making these apps stronger than ever.

Both of these Xbox Music and Video apps are core to the Windows Phone 8.1 ecosystem, and are the media hub for the phone. As Microsoft is seeing Windows 8.1 take its course around the globe, the updates will make sure they are pleasing customers and answering customers feedback carefully.

Microsoft Updates Xbox Music For Windows 8.1 Users

Xbox Music Updates

The Xbox Music app got a series of five different updates for users of Windows Phone 8.1. They range from easier reading, messaging and charging. The amount of fixes in this version will make Windows Phone 8.1 users wanting to use it. From easier scrolling of the album collection and more.

Users of the updated Xbox Music app will see easier and fast cloud syncing across their devices with the update. Also, users will see collections sync easier. The latest Xbox Music app features a ton of bug fixes ranging from album art appearing properly, music coming and going, an much more. More updates are coming as Microsoft noted as well.

Microsoft's Xbox Music and Xbox Video Get Major Mobile Updates

Xbox Video Updates

While the Xbox Music app got a huge number of updates, the Xbox Video app got only three updates for this latest upgrade, but these updates are noticeable. For most video updates with video, even the slightest update can make a huge difference, and Xbox Video now features these timely updates.

With Xbox Video, users will see quicker loading of personal videos, tv shows, and media collections. For those who rent videos and don’t watch them, they will be automatically deleted after they expire, freeing up space. Lastly, Microsoft has included a number of other bug fixes to the Xbox Video app, and those include general bug fixes and faster loading of the app on Windows 8.1. Users are free to send feedback as well via the UserVoice web site as well to send in their wishes.

These updates were needed from Microsoft. Xbox Music and Xbox Video needed these and they are live now to download.

Published: Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: July 22, 2014

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