Xbox Live Using Local Currency Soon Vs Later

In a Technet blog post on Friday, Microsoft and Xbox announced that Xbox Live will now be using local currency versus Microsoft points. This move should please a large portion of Xbox Live fans as the use of real money gives them an idea of what they are actually spending versus points.

When the Xbox Live platform was launched, Microsoft setup a point system for spending currency on its ecosystem. The move on Friday will give users in various countries the ability to use real currency in their countries, and should help those looking to buy movies, games, and other items on Xbox Live.


Currency Update With Xbox 360 System Update

The latest currency updates will be coming after the next Xbox 360 system update according to the post. The account will add the amount of currency equal to or greater than the Xbox Marketplace value of the points. Points cards will still be accepted but will be adjusted to local currency.

No More Calculations Needed

Even Microsoft joked in its post that users won’t have to calculate what something costs with this large update. With the late 2013 update, gift cards for Xbox can be purchased directly for the amount and you will know what exactly you have instead of points. Online retailers and local retail stores are noted as still selling these cards.

What This Means For Xbox Live

This shift to local currency on the Xbox Live is huge for users. Users always had Microsoft points for purchases of music, games, and items but never knew what it meant in relation to actual money. This goes for users all over the globe as well, and these currency updates on the Xbox Live will make that easier as well, in relations to foreign currencies.

Hopefully Microsoft will see additional revenues as a result of this local currency update. Users have wanted it for years, and finally Microsoft delivers it. It is certain to be related to its Xbox One system launch later this year, but it makes users want to use Xbox Live more with its update. It should equate to more purchases and rentals on the Xbox Live system too.

Published: Monday, August 12th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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