Xbox Live Might Let Netflix & Hulu Free From Gold Service

One of the biggest complaints about the Xbox Live service for many, is that they have to upgrade to the Xbox Live Gold membership to enjoy services like Netflix and Hulu. On Monday, several sources are reporting that Microsoft might be letting these two services be available for free.

The common issue with consumers is that they don’t want to pay the $60 to upgrade to the Xbox Live Gold level just for Netflix and Hulu. By making these two widely used services available at the entry level of Xbox Live, it can only help Xbox 360 and Xbox One sales for Microsoft.

Microsoft May Make Hulu And Netflix Free From Xbox Live Gold Status

More Xbox Live Users To Come?

By freeing up the apps of Hulu and Netflix to the non-paywall side of Xbox Live, Microsoft will clearly get a lot more people using it. Most users who don’t pay for the Xbox Live Gold service are using both of these apps on other devices, and Microsoft wants to make these customers use it on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Reports say that Microsoft may put other services behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall instead though, and while that may upset some, the possibility of getting Hulu and Netflix for free will make it work. The upcoming E3 Games Expo is around the corner, and this news is expected to be released during the show.

Microsoft To Free Up Netflix And Hulu To Non-Gold Xbox Live Members According To Reports

Why Would Microsoft Do This Now?

Microsoft would do this now, because they are in heavy competition with Sony and Amazon. These services never have charged a premium or monthly service to use Netflix or Hulu, and many people use it on those services over the Xbox Live ecosystem. With the Amazon Fire TV and Roku boxes selling madly, it puts money pressure on Microsoft to adjust.

By making the two apps available for free, Microsoft can clearly get people watching it on the Xbox Live system. Xbox One will clearly get the biggest boost, as it will help sell new units of the next-generation console, and will make the Xbox 360 sales increase as well. This news is still unofficial, and Microsoft has no comment so far.

This is smart for Microsoft. It gives people two great apps to use, and ones they will use right away.

Published: Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 Last Modified: May 13, 2014

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