Xbox Live Goes Down As Skyrim Hearthfire DLC Releases

Heartfire Dlc Crash_thumb4On the day Bethesda released the second downloadable content pack for its RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox Live went down. Users couldn’t log in, however the issues is now averted, though not without a mini-frenzy.

If you were trying to log into Xbox Live today, you were not alone

You may have tried to log into Xbox Live today only to see an error — you couldn’t log in. You weren’t alone, though, as Xbox Live temporarily went down, so what went wrong?

Heartfire Dlc Crash

It was unfortunate for Microsoft because the second DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Hearthfire, releases today. New content is the ability to build houses, hire bards, adopt children, and move families into your newly-built house. It’s not quite as easy as collecting blocks and stacking them like Minecraft, though it’s a nice novelty nevertheless.

Microsoft initially said nothing was flagged on the Xbox Live service, first putting the errors down to those it gets on occasionally. The Xbox Live service page reports status updates on services, like Xbox Live itself or matchmaking.

A user contacted gaming website MCV, after Microsoft made the statement, and said that he/she couldn’t get online via the Xbox 360 console or Friend requests were also sent from accounts called 0GS, meaning zero GamerScore — the total amount of points users collect through in-game achievements. The friend requests were also sent to players matchmaked against.

A Rare Chink In the Ten-Year-Old Armor

The same user then contacted MCV again and said that he/she could log in though it was claimed that a different Xbox console was used, and therefore couldn’t gain access to account management. There were concerns Microsoft points were spent.

We’ve just tried logging in to and the service seems normal. Of course if you’re away or just want to check the status of Xbox Live, then click the source link. Or log in to Live.

Xbox Live now seems to be up, though users are reporting the 807B01F4 error is seen when trying to access account settings. Xbox Live is generally reliable, though consumers shouldn’t expect anything less from a 24/7 service.

We’ll monitor the issues throughout the rest of the day and report on any significant changes.

Published: Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 Last Modified: September 4, 2012

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