Xbox Live Compute Announced For Developers

Developers who are creating apps and games for the Xbox One on Wednesday, got a huge announcement from Microsoft in its announcing of Xbox Live Compute. The Xbox Live Compute will allow for developers to harness the power of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure to create and distribute programs on the backs of Microsoft’s servers.

The Xbox Live cloud is all about data centers and servers, and via the Xbox Newsroom post, Microsoft is courting developers to use it. They are asking developers to use the hundreds of thousands of servers that they use currently to help distribute the games and help gamers build for the cloud.

Xbox Announces Xbox Live Compute

Higher Fidelity Game Experiences and Multiplayer Experiences

The Xbox Live post talks about how by using the Xbox Live Compute services, developers will be able to create improved artificial reality sets, development areas, lighting, controls, physics, and other elements that make their games work. By leveraging the servers, it can make the games run smoother and at a better quality.

Also, Xbox Live Compute will help with dedicated servers for developers. These dedicated servers will allow for quicker multiplayer gaming, allow for no more needs for host migration interruptions, player cheating and more. Also, it can be used to persist game state so users can fight another day without losing progress, which should please gamers.

Xbox Live Compute Announced To Developers

Evolving Game Play and On-Demand Computing

Games can be dynamically updated by developers using Microsoft’s Xbox Live Cloud according to the company. They can also be tuned, changed, and improved continuously which will greatly please users. An example of the Forza Motorsports 5 and its Drivatar system was discussed as a successful venture of this being used.

Lastly, the elastic scalability of having servers around the world will improve game speed and availability. They won’t have busy servers and can connect to games in their area. Connectivity downtime will be limited and creators can meet server capacity when they need it, and should please developers globally.

This announcement by Xbox Live and Microsoft is huge for developers and will allow them to use Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure on all their games. By minimizing downtime, have on-demand servers, and large scale enterprise level networks, games can be faster and quicker than ever before thanks to Xbox Live Compute.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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