Xbox Launches Kinect Sports Rivals To Show Off Kinect

As the Xbox One has become a hot selling next generation device, the Kinect portion of the Xbox One equation has slowly become a hit as well. The release of Kinect Sports Rivals this week, shows off the future of the Kinect on the Xbox One, as a major entertainment and game toy.

Kinect Sports Rivals on the Xbox One may seem like a normal game that one might play on the Xbox One. But, with the preview getting over 1.2 million people playing it, the 1080p HD version of the game launched, and is one of the hottest selling games already for Microsoft.

Microsoft's Kinect Sports Rivals Shows Off Fun Gameplay Of Xbox One

What Is Kinect Sports Rivals?

Kinect Sports Rivals is Microsoft’s crown jewel, and integrates the Kinect into a new generation of game playing. The initial preview in November, only had wake racing, and that got over 1.2 million people playing it. It has a number of exciting games that are built for all ages and can really show off the power of the Xbox One.

Games like Wake Racing, Rock Climbing, Target Shooting, Soccer, Bowling, and Tennis are highlights of the program. It allows users to play against each other using the Kinect, and also record highlights of themselves playing. Users can also upload clips using the Xbox One, and is one of the most intense Kinect playing experiences around.

Microsoft Releases First Next Generation Family Title With Kinect Sports Rivals

Other Fun Items Around Kinect Sports Rivals

In the game, Microsoft has shown off that this is more than just a game. It gives users a way to digitally scan their faces, and use that to build a champion player. Users can also sabotage each other during gameplay, and have fun doing it. Power up opportunities are also available for players, which show off the immense pleasure users can get from playing it.

Additionally, the Kinect Sports Rivals Hub is built within the game, and Microsoft has given players ways to check leaderboards, game progress, share photos, and all without loading the game. It’s an offline experience, and is a full complement to what this blockbuster game is from Microsoft. It shows off the power of the Kinect, Xbox One, and the combination of the two.

Microsoft has a huge hit with Kinect Sports Rivals. It might appears as a game to some, but it is the first next generation game to really show off 1080p gameplay in a family fun way.

Published: Friday, April 11th, 2014 Last Modified: April 11, 2014

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