Xbox King Of Consoles For 32 Months In A Row

The NPD Group on Friday released their latest console rankings for entertainment consoles in the US, and for the 32nd month in a row, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the #1 seller.

The continued sales of the Xbox 360 and it’s sustained sales have left Playstation in the dust. The NPD Group market research report is a monthly report that tracks console sales in the United States. The report is a highly prized status symbol for companies, and shows consumers which gaming and entertainment console is the top one at the stores as well.


96.000 Units Sold In August 2013

With the NPD Group report, the Xbox 360 sold an estimated 96,000 units in the month of August, 2013 in the US. This number is surprising knowing that Microsoft has a brand new console coming out in November, and shows that consumers are not afraid of a new console around the corner.

Xbox 360 Sales Numbers In Detail

Some of the more interesting facts from the Xbox 360 sales numbers were more interesting. The retail spend of the platform, accessories, software and more were estimated at $213 million, the most from any console in the US. This number shows the continued growth of the console, and most importantly the growth of software and accessories for the 360.

Xbox 360 Holds 6 Of Top 10 Games

The report also showed that the Xbox 360 held six of the top 10 console game titles for August 2013. Titles including “Saints Row IV,” “Madden NFL 25,” “Payday 2,” “Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist,” “Minecraft” and “Disney Infinity”, held the lead at the retail counter according to the report.

This sales report is a huge boost for Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 fans, and shows that the console is still a clear winner. It gives gamers more reasons to continue to still purchase the console, and game developers to build for it. Microsoft clearly still is the king of the gaming consoles, and has shown with the Xbox 360 that it will not become number two anytime soon. The Xbox One in November will be a hit, but will have to dethrone the Xbox 360 before it becomes number 1 soon.

Published: Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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