Xbox Infinity Could Have Different Version, Lots Of Games On Demand, Enhanced Streaming

Xbox Infinity Games On Demand_ll The next generation of gaming is edging ever closer and with Microsoft set to unveil their new Xbox before the end of the month we decided delve into what to expect from the next plastic box to be placed under your television.

It is going to be called “Xbox Infinity”

Xbox Infinity Games On Demand

It seems almost certain the new console is going to be called “Xbox Infinity”. There has been a few rumours regarding the name but the strongest indication yet is that the console will be names Infinity after “The International Business Times” quoted sources as confirming the moniker. It makes sense on many levels. PlayStation 4 vs Xbox 3 or PlayStation 4 vs Xbox Infinity – what do you think? It also signifies what could be the last traditional generation of home gaming consoles with software and hardware upgrades a possibility instead of entirely new systems. The mocked up Xbox Infinity symbols also happens to look rather nifty.

Expect different versions of the same thing

Remember the original Xbox 360 launch and the debates between the “Pro” and “Arcade” version? Deciding between chrome and plastic might not have been top of the agenda but many found it hard to ignore the –at the time- massive 20 GB hard drive with the Premium version of the console. It did however allow more people to afford the console and competed favourably with the expensive PlayStation 3.

Regarding the new release, many are expecting a subsidized version that will cost less initially – circa $299 – but with a monthly fee of approximately $15 required for online and most general use of the console. This is an option to those who may balk at laying down $499 on a new console straight from the off. It is a different economic climate that Microsoft are releasing this console in than the 360 and when you factor in extra costs such as games and extra controllers that coincide with a new purchase , price is sure to be a major talking point.

The new Xbox is going to do everything

Just like the original 360 ended up with a feature list including Netflix, a Browser, Games on Demand and more the new Xbox will have a similar all in one approach straight from the box. Microsoft’s main goal is to get this box into as many homes as possible and earn off the reoccurring monthly subscription fees required for all the services they are offering – and there will many. There is talk of it adding a “layer” on to your traditional cable TV viewing that will allow you to chat and interact during a show with fellow viewers. There is talk it will have a Blu-Ray optical drive. It will more than likely feature Kinect or Kinect 2.0 support right from the box along with many additional features. Phew. We haven’t even got to the games!

There are reasons behind Microsoft desire to branch out into “home entertainment” from the traditional “gaming console” market. While they took baby steps with the 360 – and vastly improved as the years went on – the new console will have to excel in this area in order to prove a hit. Unfortunately for Microsoft the latest hardware is getting outdated so quickly the new Xbox will be lagging behind some of the higher-end PC setups right from launch with the gap only expected to spread in the future. This means they will want to press the “all in one” approach straight from the comfort of your living room.

You can also expect surprises among other announcements from Microsoft and with the unveil scheduled for the 22nd of May – the wait is nearly over.

Published: Friday, May 10th, 2013 Last Modified: June 3, 2013

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