Xbox External Drives and Surface Announcement News

As Microsoft continues to evolve and make the Xbox One an amazing next generation device, the need to store large games is apparent. News on Monday about the rumors about enabling external devices has gained fans. That, and news about the Surface Mini makes Microsoft a Monday newsfest.

One of the major aches about the Xbox One is the size of games that the system uses, with some taking up to 40GB each. But, worries about the Surface has also got people worried, but Microsoft is aiming to give both fans of users exciting news, and should please both types of crowds.

Microsoft Shows Off External Drive Support For Xbox One

Xbox One Gaining External Drive Support

The Xbox One plays amazingly high-definition games, but those games come with a lot of data needed to play them. Microsoft has stated in the past, that external drive support has been on the agenda, but rumors about it arriving sooner has make Xbox One fans very happy.

Microsoft has given those who are testing the Xbox One preview, the ability to mount external drives. Since some Xbox One games can range from 20GB to 50GB in storage, it can easily make those storage concerns something in the past. With the Xbox One having a 500GB internal drive, adding a 2TB external drive could be done with a simple USB drive addition.

Tuesday's Microsoft Surface Mini and Surface Pro 3 Possibly Announced On Tuesday

Surface Mini Announcement On Tuesday

On Tuesday, Microsoft will be hosting the Surface Mini event in New York City, and Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is expected to lead the event. Many are expecting the Surface Mini to have an 8-inch display, an updated processor, better storage, and possibly more.

In addition, many are expecting a new Surface Pro 3 to be announced as well. Rumors about the Surface Pro 3 have been rumored on the Microsoft support pages, and a next generation Surface Pro 3 could make people very happy. Although, the Surface Mini needs to be competitive to the iPad Mini, and the Surface Pro 3 needs to match up with the iPad Air prices to generate larger sales. It could get many more interested in the Surface though, and Tuesday will tell us more.

The Xbox One desperately needs external drive support, and now it could be getting it. Additionally, the Surface Mini should get many interested in a much desired smaller Surface for enterprise needs.

Published: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 Last Modified: May 20, 2014

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