Xbox Enforcement United Announced

A brand new community and reputation based feature that is squarely aimed at making Xbox Live safer and better called “The Xbox Enforcement United” will allow players to rate other players.

This community announcement is the latest in gestures by Microsoft and Xbox as they ramp up for the Xbox One launch later this year. The beta of this Enforcement United program is meant to recruit agents and members to provide opinions and then use them to collect data on Xbox service.

Xbox Live Enforcement United Launched by Xbox and Microsoft via Xbox Live

Sense of Ownership Being Gained

The blog post on is squarely aimed at making users part of the enforcement group. The program wants members to provide opinions on whether particular content, initially Gamertags, violate Xbox Live Code of Conduct. This information will then be spun into a computer algorithm and processed by the Xbox team.

Algorithm Takes Charge

This community enforcement algorithm is aimed to analyze historical decisions, and other data to decide whether or not to cause actions to be taken against the gamer. Whether this involves a Gamertag change, or possible further review with the Xbox Live enforcers will be decided by the algorithm.

No One Person In Command

Microsoft and Xbox were clear to note that one person has no more opinion or power than another in this field test. The system will continually change and adapt to changes, and see how reliable the data is collected, and see what it has to do to enforce it better on the Xbox Live system. This each member spin is important, since Microsoft wants to help members positively shape the Xbox Live experience, and doing this helps.

In addition, Xbox Community Level launched where Xbox Live users can earn rewards for joining this beta along with being long-standing Xbox Live Ambassadors. This is geared to help enforcers on Xbox Live’s system work towards important matters versus smaller ones that a computer algorithm can handle and automate the process. The beta is open now for users, and can be registered on the Xbox Live system. This Xbox Live community enhancement is the latest in ways Microsoft is improving Xbox Live for all.

Published: Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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