Xbox Controller Plus OneNote Updates

On Tuesday, Microsoft came out with a lot of news around its varied product lines, and it ranges from tablets, to keyboards, to gme controllers. The most interesting news though was about xbox controllers and OneNote updates that will make consumers around the globe a lot more happier.

The news about the Xbox One controller getting a Windows cable for desktop gaming will make Windows gamers very excite. The Xbox One controller is very advanced, and can bring gaming to Windows in new ways. With OneNote updates, both Android Wear and iOS 8 devices will see updates as well.

Microsoft Debuts Xbox One Controller For Windows Machines

Xbox One Controller Meets Windows

Windows gaming fans are always looking for the best gaming controller out there, and the Xbox One is one of the hottest controllers on the market today. The announcement on Tuesday, will allow the Xbox One Controller + Cablet to connect to Windows laptops and deskops.

The connection kit will be arriving in November 214, and will be available for Windows 7 and 8 computers. All a gamer has to do is plug it into their USB port, and experience the world of Xbox gaming on their Windows machine. It is meant to be very seamless, and give Windows gamers that best Xbox One controller for their computer systems.

Microsoft's OneNote Gets Android Wear and iOS 8 Updates

Android and iOS Updates For OneNote

OneNote is a product that is continually getting updates from Microsoft, and Tuesday was no exception. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that OneNote will be supported via Android Wear. It will now allow users to say, “OK GOOGLE< TAKE A NOTE" and the note will save to OneNote on Android. The app is available on the Google Play Store now. Additionally, iOS 8 users got a new OneNote extension that will allow them to lip the web, save photos, and send attachments directly to their devices. All a user has to do is to display any share menu in Safari, tap more, an add to OneNote. Lastly, the Office Lens for Windows Phone also got an update, which will allow users to save captured images and docs to Word or PowerPoint files. These Windows Phone updates will be huge for users, and make Windows Phone and OneNote get together nicely. Gamers and mobile users won on Tuesday. Gamers won with a new controller, and OneNote users won with new updates via OneNote.

Published: Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 Last Modified: September 17, 2014

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