Xbox Breaks Black Friday Records

As the Black Friday holiday passed last week in most shopping areas, one of the most requested items on many lists were Xbox One units. On Friday, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One and Xbox Store sales drove record US and Worldwide sales numbers for the company.

The records for the Xbox One and Xbox Store Sales shows that the Xbox is still a major seller, and at the tops of many shopping lists. Its growth around the world continues to show why users want this next-gen console under their trees and wrapped up.

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Xbox Black Friday Updates

In their breakdown, Microsoft stated that Xbox fans spent 325 million hours gaming on Xbox Live in the past week. Worldwide Xbox Black Friday sales increased over 57 percent, and that is huge knowing what last years numbers were.

Additionally, paid unique users in the Xbox Store broke records with an increase of 55 percent across the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The Xbox One 500GB Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Bundle was the hottest unit, and 4 million hours of gameplay with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility were also discussed.

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Windows 10 Gaming Momentum Grows

Not only was the Xbox hot, but Windows 10 gaming hit a high over the past week as well. Hours spent gaming on Windows 10 actually exceeded that of Windows 8 for the first time ever. 5 million hours of Xbox One content has been streamed also across Windows 10 devices.

Thirty percent of stream players as well used Windows 10 devices, which shows the popularity of both platforms. Lastly, twenty percent of all non-mobile devices now run Windows 10, which is doubled from just 3 months ago according to Microsoft.

Xbox gaming grows by the day. Windows 10 is getting gamers on board too, and that boasts well for PC Gaming.

Published: Monday, December 7th, 2015 Last Modified: December 7, 2015

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