Xbox App With Windows 10 Gets Big Updates

With Windows 10 arriving later in the year, one of the more exciting features about it will be the Xbox integration. Millions of Windows 10 users will use it, and millions of Xbox users will as well. Microsoft recently updated the Windows 10 app for Windows 10 and got a lot of awesome updates.

The Xbox app for Windows 10 is still in beta mode, and only available to those in the Windows 10 Insider Program. While a true beta app, it has a strong and stable core, and has been updated to show off the features of Windows 10, and the amazing powers of Xbox built to work together nicely.

Microsoft Updates Xbox App For Windows 10

Xbox Updates For Windows 10

Users will now be able to download and launch the avatars app from within with Xbox app. There, they can then customize the avatar to dress it up, if desired. Friends can be viewed and updated much easier with the updated app, and this will help those who game with friends. Game hubs will also be viewed on the Xbox One and Xbox apps.

Other updates include an update to the Game DVR mode. Keyboard shortcuts have been updated, and game clips can be viewed from the Xbox app easily. Microsoft is also testing streaming from the Xbox One to the Windows 10 PC’s via beta tests of the app. Lastly, the connect menu will allow users to power down and up the box console from the PC.

Microsoft Makes Xbox One App On Windows 10 Shine With E3 Around Corner For Xbox One

Xbox One Updates Prior To E3

June will be a big month for Microsoft, as the E3 expo approaches in Los Angeles. This is the major game show, and will attract millions of users, press, and analysts. Microsoft is fine tuning the Xbox One before the show, and the release of the Xbox One Digital Tuner in 11 countries is the first step.

Additionally, Microsoft is looking to update the Wireless Display app, and improve the Miracast functionality in the Wireless Display app. Microsoft is taking a lot of feedback from users, and appears that it may have something to show off soon. It also is noted that it’s a lot more difficult as expected.

Xbox on Windows 10 looks pretty nice. The Xbox One will get more updates, and E3 should point a lot more out soon.

Published: Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 Last Modified: May 26, 2015

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