Xbox App On Windows 10 Gets Major March Updates

One of the most exciting things that Microsoft has unveiled with the Xbox platform, will be its merging with the Windows 10 platform as well. On Thursday, Microsoft announced major updates to the Xbox app on Windows 10, and as part of the March 2015 update, a number of new things have been added.

The Windows 10 ecosystem that will be fully unveiled later this year, will be a major overhaul for Windows users. The Xbox app on Windows 10 will give users a number of ways to enjoy games and media on their systems, and the March updates will show off new ways to connect and control their experiences.

Microsoft Gives March 2015 Update To Xbox App On Windows 10

New Ways To Connect With Friends

Four new things have been added to the Xbox app on Windows 10 circling around the ways users connect with friends. First, game clips can now be viewed on the Xbox One and users can watch those clips on the Xbox Community. Users can also download those clips from Xbox Live to their Windows 10 PC.

Users can also like comments, delete their own activity feed posts, and more. The user profile is now collapsed by default for users, and this will show more profile information on the screen to view. Lastly, the search box will enable finding friends by their gamertag, real, name, and game title.

Microsoft Shows Off Game Clips On Xbox App For Windows 10

Controlling The Experience

The new Xbox app on Windows 10 now adapts to the changing windows size, and this will be a huge help to those with different monitor and screen sizes. It also helps reduce memory usage on devices. Next, users can connect from the Xbox app to the Xbox One console, and remotely control it from the Xbox app using a virtual game controller.

Next, users can access the OneGuide and the Universal Remote Control after connecting. They can use this to change channels, manage volume, or access their DVR on the set top box connected to the Xbox One. Lastly, users will be able to see recently played Xbox Live games on their devices.

The March 2015 update is a big update for the Xbox app on Windows 10. It will be updated soon, and Windows 10 Insiders should be able to test it soon.

Published: Friday, March 13th, 2015 Last Modified: March 13, 2015

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