Xbox App Comes On Windows 10 For Phones

One of the more exciting parts of Windows 10 is obviously the inclusion of Xbox on the platform. But, its not only the deskop where games can use the Xbox experience, but it will also be on the Windows Phones that have Windows 10 Mobile. With the latest build of the beta, users can try it out today.

With the inclusion of Xbox App on the Windows 10 Insider Preview build, it makes it easy for anyone who has access to download it and start playing around with it. It does require the person belonging to the Windows 10 Insider Program, but that is free and very easy to join at any time.

Microsoft Releases Xbox App For Windows 10 For Phones

How To Get The Xbox App

All a user has to do, is join the Windows 10 Insider Program. Then the user can download the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10080 or later for phones. This is the third release of the beta, and users can venture to the Store Beta and download the Xbox app for the phones. It should be a fun experience.

The app is still in preview mode and does have its glitches as Microsoft admits. It’s the favorite Xbox experience on a Windows 10 device, and includes a number of fun features that any Xbox gamer will enjoy on their Windows 10 Phone. It is agin free, and able to be downloaded at any time.

Microsoft Updates Windows Phone Build With Xbox App For Phones

What’s In The Xbox App

The Xbox app for Windows 10 phones has a lot of fun features. It includes the activity feed, achievements, friends list, activity alerts, messages, watch Game DVR clips, and connect to your Xbox One. It will also include OneGuide integration, Live TV Streaming, Game Hubs, and more in the next few months.

The Xbox app for Windows 10 has already gotten a lot of positive reviews, and Xbox fans love having the Xbox app on their phones. It allows them to stay connected to the Xbox from anywhere, and gives them gaming on the go. The Xbox companion app is a must try, and worth downloading if you have Windows 10.

The Xbox app can be downloaded today. Try it out, and start Xbox on your phone today.

Published: Monday, May 18th, 2015 Last Modified: May 18, 2015

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