XBOX 720 With Large Scale MMO’s And Cloud Support. Release in 2015?

If you are wondering what Microsoft is doing behind the scenes, according to some job postings, Microsoft is working on a “next-generation” console. Could this console, the “XBOX720” have cloud support?

XBOX 720 Concept Screenshots

Windows 8 Will Be Everywhere

At the CES 2011, Steve Ballmer stated that Windows would be everywhere, on every device. So, what better place to start than on the leading gaming and entertainment console XBOX?

Well, although Microsoft said that the lifespan of the XBOX could possibly be extended until 2015, they are working on the XBOX 720 or whatever they are going to call the next console as unveiled by some job posting on and Linkedin.

Job Offers Hint At XBOX 720 Development

At Linkedin there were several job postings that revealed some spicy information. All of the positions are now filled.

XBOX 720 Job Posting

One of the job posting described the job position as followed:
The Xbox Console Architecture team is hiring for a Graphics hardware architect position. The team is responsible for defining and delivering next generation console architectures from conception through implementation

We can only speculate how far Microsoft is into the XBOX 720 development. But, Microsoft and Sony said that they are going to extend the lifespan of their flagship consoles. Especially with the Kinect selling so well.

Of course Microsoft has it its own job site. On there they posted the following job description:

Specifically deliver prototypes for the following scenarios:

  • Cloud-connected experiences for content streaming, rendering, and remote computational resources.
  • Multiplayer scaling up to MMO scale experiences.
  • Performance (visual and computational) validation of future generation platforms.
  • Future generation Core + Kinect scenarios.
  • Business intelligence and analytics for future generation content experiences.

Well, if that isn’t some spicy information, then I don’t know what is spicy. Cloud support and large-scale MMO games? Sounds like the XBOX is going to have some pretty impressive hardware specs at the very least.

XBOX 720 Concept Screenshots? Release In 2015?

But wait, there’s more! Designer Ben Peterson who works together with Microsoft’s IEB Design group posted something on his portfolio. A possible concept of the XBOX 720?

XBOX 720 Screenshot

A note says on the concept says: Confidential / Collaboration Microsoft’s IEB Design group investigating future user experiences and harware for 2015.

Why he’d post such a picture when it clearly says “Confidential” is unclear, but it also doesn’t reveal a lot other than a possible release date in 2015.

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Published: Friday, April 15th, 2011 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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