XBOX 720 Release Date Now Rumored To Be In 2013

If there’s one thing gamers always look forward to, then it’s a new console. The upcoming XBOX 720 is now rumored to be coming out in 2013.

XBOX 720 release date 2013

CNET Source: Coming in 2013

A CNET source close to Microsoft’s XBOX team claims they have insider information and know that this console is coming out in 2013.

Microsoft on the other hand still denies to comment on a next-gen console. They do not want the competition to know their roadmap and will definitely try to keep a low profile on this one.

With the XBOX360 and PS3 getting older every day, a new console is long overdue. Hardcore gamers who will not buy into the Wii U hype, will probably wait for either the XBOX 720 or the PS4. Whoever comes first will possibly have a great advantage.

More XBOX 720 News At CES 2012?

It has already been confirmed by Microsoft that the XBOX 360 will still be supported for a few years, but they confirmed that there might be an overlap with a newer console.

The latest rumors are now saying that Microsoft will make an announcement at the CES in about a month. Until then we simply have to be patient.

Published: Thursday, December 15th, 2011 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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