XBOX 360 = Your New IPTV Set Top Box?

It turns out that Microsoft might also be delivering IPTV content along with other live options to their XBOX 360 customers. Microsoft has already confirmed the coming of live TV on the XBOX, so this would just the right icing on the TV cake.

Meet Your New IPTV Set Top Box — Your XBOX 360

Microsoft may be saying something very similar to that when live TV becomes a reality on XBOX 360 boxes. The company is apparently in talks with major broadband providers in France and other countries to provide access to their IPTV services through XBOX.

French newspaper Les Echos reports that the Microsoft is in talks with Orange for France, citing a source in the telecom company. The telecom carrier is apparently thrashing things out with Microsoft to provide IPTV content on the XBOX in partnership with Canal+ from the US.

Collaborations Galore

Canal+ has already been named as one of the first confirmed content partner for Microsoft’s live TV on XBOX efforts. Adding to this is the fact that Orange and Canal+ have already worked together and brought out together the Orange cinema series pack and the TPS star channel. XBOX Live users in fact can already watch premium content from Canal+ if they are in France. But it looks like it might change to something more interesting as time passes by.

A deal such as this will be beneficial for the IPTV providers because it will lower their equipment numbers because some of the customers might already have an XBOX. Microsoft however is also trying to persuade the providers to give away an XBOX with each subscription at a subsidized rate.

In the meantime, some of the IPTV providers like Portugal Telecom, Telus and AT&T have already started channeling their IPTV content to XBOX users.

Even though these are mere rumors but word on the streets is that Microsoft is planning something quite big when it comes to Television. May be it will finally do where Apple TV failed.

Published: Thursday, June 9th, 2011 Last Modified: June 9, 2011

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