Xbox 1TB Units Given Release Date and Pricing

The rumors about an upgraded and renovated Xbox One had been talked about for sometime, but a definite date and pricing scheme have only been rumors. Those rumors became fact on Tuesday, as Microsoft Announced pricing for the new 1TB Xbox One Consoles, and reduced the price of the existing Xbox One units.

Microsoft Unveils Xbox One 1TB Console On Tuesday

The Xbox One 1TB Unit

The new 1TB Xbox One is aimed to give users a lot more storage for their games and media, and had been desired by users for sometime. With the final date and pricing of the Xbox One unveiling, gamers get a 1TB next generation console, and have price savings available to them on existing inventory.

On his blog on Tuesday, Microsoft’s Major Nelson unveiled the Xbox One 1TB Console. It includes 1TB of onboard storage, and supports external USB 3.0 drives at the sametime. It will also support the newloy designed Xbox One Wireless Controller, which includes the 3.5mm headset jack for gamers.

The Xbox One 1TB Consoles will start shipping to retailers on June 16 in the United States, and to other markets later this month. It will be priced at $399, and be similarly priced around the world according to Microsoft. This gives gamers and users a much larger unit to use on the Xbox One.

Microsoft Updates Wireless Controller For Xbox One

Price Drop On Existing Xbox One Units

The other major news on Tuesday was about the existing inventory of Xbox One consoles. Microsoft is going to be reducing the price of the Xbox One 500GB units to $349, and this price reduction is going to be permanent in the US and select regions. This is a great deal for gamers.

With the price reduction, Microsoft is also pointing focus on the new Xbox One Wireless Controller. It has the 3.5mm stereo headset built into the controller, and has improved audio quality as well. Fingertip controls of audio, firmware updates, and more should make this a quick purchase.

The Xbox One 1TB console is a much needed update. Now, with the price reductions and new controller, Xbox One is evolved.

Published: Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 Last Modified: June 10, 2015

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