World of Warcraft, Xbox Live Combine To Offer Players Free Xbox Live T-Shirts

Ll_wow Xbox Live Avatars 150Px Xbox Live users that like World of Warcraft (or vice versa) will be able to sport an avatar t-shirt for the upcoming expansion pack.

A new advertisement is available on the Xbox Live dashboard to view.

Why am I seeing World of Warcraft content on my Xbox?

Claiming the t-shirt is simple: watch the ad. At the end of the trailer press Free Avatar Gear to claim a shit, available in red and blue colors with a Mists of Pandaria-themed logo. According to Examiner the ads are randomly generated, so keep an eye out across the categories. It doesn’t sound like a dedicated space shows the advertisement.

The ad ran for all of Sunday, but it running until October 6. I’d say players won’t be that bothered about sporting a virtual t-shirt for a video game, but you may be surprised at what players will do. Speaking personally, I won’t be wearing the t-shirt. I just don’t care enough about my virtual avatar. Selecting a tuxedo is good enough for me.

Mists of Pandaria launches September 25, and is expected to bring back subscribers that left after Cataclysm. It’ll be interesting to see how the user numbers between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 fluctuate with the release of Pandaria. Guild Wars 2 sold two millon copies in two weeks following the August 28 launch.

Published: Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 Last Modified: September 25, 2012

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