Google Chrome World of Warcraft Theme

World of Wacrarft is the #1 MMORPG with over 10-million subscribers. If WoW is your favorite MMO out there, download this free World of Warcraft theme for Chrome:

WoW Chrome Theme

WoW Google Chrome Theme #1 Preview

Here’s a larger preview of the theme:
WoW Chrome Theme

FREE Download: Download WoW Chrome Theme

WoW fans tend to have very large screens and even multi-monitor setups. That’s why we make sure that all of our Google Chrome themes support a very high resolution. This World of Warcraft theme supports a maximum resolution of. Should you have a larger screen, the WoW theme will still work, but the background wallpaper might not fit properly. If you need a custom size, you can let us know below.

Do you have a HD wallpaper that you would like to use in a Google Chrome theme? Submit it to us and we’ll create it for you. Suggestions are also very welcome. More WoW Chrome themes will follow shortly.

Installing WoW Theme in Chrome

Installing this theme is a piece of cake, download it and Chrome will automatically install it. Done!

If you still have problems installing Google Chrome themes, you may refer to our tutorial How to install Google Chrome themes

Published: Thursday, January 6th, 2011 Last Modified: June 4, 2013

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