World of Tanks Windows 7 Theme With 16 Tank Wallpapers

For all of you who anticipate the release of the Free-to-play-MMO World of Tanks, here’s a Windows 7 theme that includes 16 World of Tanks wallpapers with some pretty kick-ass tanks.

World of Tanks Windows 7 Theme

So far, World of Tanks is only “live” in Russia, it was released there back on October 30, 2010. World of Tanks is a HUGE success, with over 500,000 registered players so far. Record-breaking is also this fact: On January 5, 2011, 74,536 online players were logged in duron the Russian servers.

World of Tanks Screenshot

In other parts of the world, World Of Tanks is currently undergoing a beta test. For more information about the EU/US beta, head over to for more information!

World of Tanks Wallpaper

Download World of Tanks Windows 7 Theme

World of Tanks System Requirements

If you are interested in World of Tanks now, here are the system requirements for the MMO:

World of Tanks Box Art

Video: GeForce 6800GT (128 MB) / ATI analog,

As you can see, the system requirements for World of Tanks aren’t very high, still the game looks pretty nice. Give it a try when it’s in open beta, it’s free and will be free after all.

Published: Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 Last Modified: January 18, 2011

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