Word Flow Keyboard Flows To iOS From Microsoft

It’s no secret in Silicon Valley or in Redmond, that Microsoft has a vested interest in making the iOS platform get bigger. On Monday, users started noticing invitations arriving for the Word Flow Keyboard arriving for iOS.

The Word Flow keyboard was originally developerd for Windows Phones, and has been unique to that ecosystem for sometime. So, Windows Phone users seeing this unique keyboard arriving on iOS became worried and questioned Microsoft’s motives.

Microsoft Invites Insiders To Word Flow Keyboard On iOS

One Handed Keyboard

The biggest thing that users will start to notice about the Word Flow keyboard, is the one-handed design, and how its being transitioned to a two thumb keyboard design. This could be unique for people to try and use.

This type of keyboard though could make faster typers of iOS devices, and give them another type of keyboard to use on their devices. A one-handed or even two thumb keyboard design would be unique to this type of keyboard.

Microsoft Shows Off Wordflow Keyboard For iOS

Windows Users Seeing iOS Gain Apps

One of the biggest issues surrounding the release of this keyboard from Windows Phone, is the loss of an exclusive for Windows Phone. It had been exclusive to Windows Phone devices, but as that has decreased, Microsoft is looking for more users otherwise.

The Word Flow keyboard though is still only currently available to Insiders, and is exclusive to them for now. It’s being tested with user feedbak being encouraged, and no final release has been issued, with cheers I’m sure coming from Windows Phone fans.

Do you use the Word Flow keyboard on Windows Phone? Let us know, and if you think it will work on iOS as well?

Published: Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 Last Modified: January 27, 2016

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