WindUp Becomes Latest Microsoft Experement

Microsoft Research is always looking for new and interesting ways for users to share media with other Windows Phone and other devices. On Friday, Microsoft took the veil off of its latest product, and it got a ton of media coverage for an app that might be a little sharing gem.

The brand new app WindUp is specifically guided and made for Windows Phones, and is a new way for users to share messages and media with other WindUp users. While its aimed for US users right away, it is a Snapchat competitor is someways, which Microsoft says it is not.

Microsoft Debuts Social Sharing App WindUp

How WindUp Works

The idea behind WindUp is that is allows mobile users to share temporary messages with friends using the WindUp app. You can decide how long the app stays active and set a time limit on it. Once that time limit is done, the message goes away, and into the Internet space of oblivion, gone for good.

The WindUp app allows users to share pictures, videos, texts, and audio snippets with other users. It’s definitely aimed for those who are looking to share pictures and quick videos with friends and family, and it is a beta product from Microsoft. It’s a pure research project from now, and available in the Windows Phone Store.

Microsoft Shows Off Latest Microsoft Research Project WindUp To Users

Is WindUp A Snapchat Competitor?

The immediate press coverage of the WindUp app was that Microsoft is going after Snapchat. While it shares come similar features, it has differences. Microsoft stated in a press release, that the app is all about research purposes only. It’s not meant to compete commercially, and is a product of Microsoft Research.

Whether or not this is true, and whether or not Microsoft is launching this as a Snapchat competitor is unknown. The app shares a lot of similar features of Snapchat, but keeping it limited to Windows Phones will keep it from getting huge. It’s an interesting application from Microsoft Research, and shows that Microsoft is listening to the competition. It’s available in the US only for now, but proves that social sharing is still a hot feature for many.

I tried WindUp and its interesting. It’s not a Snapchat killer yet, but it has potential.

Published: Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 Last Modified: August 19, 2014

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