Windows7themes.Net Users on Windows 8 Usability And Start Menu Changes

Windows 8 Start Menu Usability_thumb.jpg 1One of of our users posted a very valid comment criticizing some of the usability aspects of Windows 8 regarding the Start menu. More after break.

Alex B. Quote:

Let me first point out that Windows 7 is a great OS and it’s very hard to top it, but I have downloaded and used the pre-beta of Windows 8 it has some good points and some bad, first in my opinion it takes long for Windows 8 to start up than it does for Windows 7, also windows 8 is built for touch screen, which I do not have and was unable to test that aspect of the new up and coming OS, another point is the start button under windows 8 if clicked on will send you to the tabbed based interface for windows 8 in which you can navigate through using your mouse and keyboard, however I really like the old way of doing things with the start button, nothing personal toward Microsoft but would have performed better if left alone, I like the look and feel of the new OS but unless I was going to buy a whole new system I wouldn’t really bother upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 in the long run unless you just can’t stand it, I would recommend that everyone stick with Windows 7 at least until Microsoft discontinues support for it.

As Alex points out he did not test Windows 8 on a tablet and I believe he’s therefore missing out on the central Windows 8 experience. Windows 8 will be all about

a) tablets and mobile devices and
b) about the cloud (Azure)

Windows 8 All About Tablets And The Cloud

Windows 8 is optimized for mobile devices and not for desktop PC’s. Luckily, we explained in one of our tutorials how you can disable the Metro Start menu and optimize Windows 8 for desktop PC’s

Restore old start menu in Windows 8

Users Might Be Reluctant To Upgrade To Windows 8 But Will Still Sell Well

I agree that people who already own Windows 7 may be reluctant to upgrade to Windows 8 – especially since Microsoft will be adding support for their upcoming Kinect for PC’s to Windows 7 as well. However, if you still do not own Windows 7, I’d recommend to get Windows 8 that uses even less resources than Windows 7 and will give you quite the performance boost.

A point Alex does not recognize is the enthusiasm of gamers to optimize their systems for gaming. Windows 8 will provide a greater gaming performance (due to less resource hogs). So, that’s another big plus.

I could go on and on why Windows 8 will still sell well, but his point is very valid, therefore I recommend that Microsoft takes a look at what users are demanding. We created a Windows 8 wishlist that has contributions from over 34 users. A lot of them ask for built-in features like a “Folder password protection program”. So far a for an aweful lot of SIMPLE things we need 3rd-party tools e.g. for protecting a folder with a password in Windows 8 . I hope that Microsoft has some plans for Windows 9 and beyond to include more simple tools like the ISO opener they’ve included now in the latest Windows version.

Published: Thursday, January 26th, 2012 Last Modified: January 26, 2012

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