Too many Windows7 editions confuse the enduser!

It seems, similar to his predecessor, Windows7 will have several editions. According to this source there will definetly be a Ultimate and Enterprise edition. Also a Business edition will be released most likely!

Should you be interested in the Enterprise Edition take a glance at:

DirectAccess, BranchCache, Search, BitLocker, AppLocker, Virtualization Enhancements, Management, as well as Compatibility and Deployment.

In my opinion Microsoft is doing a bad job marketing their different editions. The end-user should not be bothered with all those different system specifications.

Windows 7 should only be delievered as “Windows 7” and “Windows 7 Ultimate”. Is there really a need for a premium edition we have seen before ? I don’t think so. Also they should underline the really important differences of the business editions. After looking at the Vista comparison tables I was pretty confused and they put way too many information in it.

You are tired of this ? Here’s a laugh for you: Microsoft 20 secret editions
Be aware that it’s only a joke, but quite funny =D


Microsoft is also speculating about translated names for every country. Actually at first I thought they had a good idea how to market the editions, but this might make it worse and confuse enduser even more having hundreads of Windows 7 editions floating around.

Published: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 Last Modified: June 18, 2009

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