Windows Tablets gaining ground according to latest research report

A report issued by analyst firm Strategy Analytics detailed the growth in the mobile market. The growth of Microsoft’s Windows Tablets in all of their versions were of particular note as they are slowly gaining ground in the eyes of the consumer.

The research report shows the number of Windows Tablets on store shelves has increased dramatically over the past year. This shows that OEM manufacturers have faith in the Windows Phone platform, and are showing consumers more options when they are looking for tablets.


Windows Phone Owns 4.5 percent in tablet space

The report on Monday, went into details on the position of various manufacturers in the tablet market. The report went on to show that Microsoft has a 4.5 percent global tablet share in Q2 2013. This marks a large increase in the numbers of tablets on the market by Microsoft and its partners, and shows that Surface RT numbers are gaining sales volume around the globe as well.

Uptick seen in Q3 following price cuts by Microsoft

The news in the report which showed a lot of home was their indication that Q3 would show a uptick in Windows RT shipments due to the price cuts by all the partners involved in the RT market. With Microsoft dropping their Surface RT tablets by $150, and other vendors cutting their prices more, this gives buyers a great choice for a great tablet.

Apps still seen as a shortage for Microsoft and tablets

If there is a sore spot in the report, it is surrounding the app space for Windows tablets and the Microsoft space in the tablet market. The shortage of apps is still seen as a huge problem for users, especially when compared to Apple and Android. The lack of incentive for developers to create huge apps on Windows hurts innovation by some.

So, what does this mean for Microsoft? This should give Microsoft more reasons to encourage developers to build a great app system. In addition, it should give consumers a great opportunity to purchase a Windows Tablet at a great price, whether it is a Surface RT, Surface Pro, or any other OEM Windows Tablet on the store shelves.

Published: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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