Windows Store Is A Major Hit

Microsoft on Tuesday gave numbers to their developers numbers related to the Windows Store and its popularity. The numbers showed that the Windows Store is getting an average of 1.7 million downloads per day, and is proving to be a hit for free and paid applications for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The numbers show that the idea of a centralized Windows Store for apps turned out to be a huge hit. The free and paid apps are available to users around the globe, and creates a central hub for developers to launch their programs and get them out to users, and is working well.

Microsoft Reports Windows Store A Success

51.2 Million Apps

As Microsoft detailed the numbers of downloads along with apps, they gave an idea that approximately 51.2 million apps exist on the Windows Store. These are a mix of free and paid apps, and has increased by over 38% since June of 2013. The numbers show that users are interested in getting their apps this way and it proves easier for them.

The number of apps rank by free, paid, by country, and show a variety of different apps for users. There are apps related to games, pleasure, productivity, office work, and others, and shows that customers want to find apps from a central store and download them to try and install. They are getting developers interested and getting them lined up quickly.
Microsoft Gets Better Windows Store Numbers But Not Quite Apple

Not Quite Apple

The numbers released by Windows show that Windows is become a major app hub for developers to use. The initial reports showed that Apple had the bulk of developers interested in only the Apple platform, but slowly Windows developers are coming to the Windows Store and putting together apps for global users. It’s easy to download from, easy to issue updates, and distribute them globally.

The numbers though don’t quite match up to Apple which has numbers that dominate Windows in regards to daily updates. Latest reports show Apple’s App Store getting an average of 74 million daily downloads versus the 2 million of Windows, and Windows has the dominant platform in the consumer and enterprise world. Microsoft needs to jump on this and get more developers wanting to build for it quickly.

I use the Windows Store daily and find new apps there to try. It still needs to grow and Windows 8.1 helps with it. It needs to become the place though for apps, and Microsoft needs to market it much better.

Published: Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 Last Modified: November 13, 2013

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