Windows Store Brings Carrier Billing To China, India, and Brazil

As the expansion of the global economy and tech spaces continue to grow, the means for paying for technology doesn’t necessarily get better. A large percentage of the world cannot pay via credit cards and Microsoft is aware of this. It has teamed up and now enabled carrier billing in three major countries.

By giving carrier updates to larger countries the ability to pay for apps and games via their carrier, this is allowing users to get over a hurdle of not having a credit card. This will also expand the world of payment for Microsoft, and gives them more customers to reach via carrier billing methods.

Microsoft Expands Global Billing To India, China and Brazil

China, India, and Brazil Updated

In its announcement on Friday, Microsoft is bringing carrier billing to the countries of China, India, and Brazil. These countries are among the many that have large percentages of people who don’t have credit cards, and cannot pay for apps or games any other way. By enabling carrier billing, now they can.

Microsoft in enabling this in China alone, Windows Phone is estimated to teach over 800 million mobile users, and that is a huge market for them to get Windows Phones into soon. These three countries represent a large number of mobile users, and by giving them an easier way to pay for Windows Phone programs, it will only help them.

Microsoft Makes Paying For Apps Easier On WP For India, China and Brazil

Windows Phone Understands Global Billing

This announcement only adds to the understanding that Windows Phone gets for a global economy. In a post, Microsoft states that they have over 81 carriers around the world that support billing globally, and reach into 46 global markets. In these markets, they have an estimated 2.5 billion users to reach.

Microsoft is investing deeply to make sure apps are easily paid for in these three countries, and went into detail on their Firehose post on Increased downloads and opportunites are a good thing for Windows Phone users and developers, and Microsoft wants and needs to expand to make it better overall for users.

This expansion for carrier billing is needed for Microsoft. Now, these three countries can get users using Windows Phones easier.

Published: Monday, December 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: December 22, 2014

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