Windows RT Tablets Updates: Wake Up Improved, Function Keys, Camera Fixes

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced and released new fixes for their Windows Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, including an improved Wake Up feature

In its releases and fixes on what is known throughout the tech industry as Patch Tuesday, different firmware updates and fixes were announced for both the Surface RT and Surface Pro devices released by Microsoft. In its fixes, they gave customers more reasons to use their tablet devices and is building on its platform continually.

Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro's Get Updates

Wake Up and Type Cover Improvements for Surface RT’s

The first round of updates are to affect the Surface RT units, as they aim to fix two of the know bugs surrounding the units. The first update is surrounding the Surface Home Button and it improves the waking up functionality of the units. Now, users can wake up their Surface RT units with the first press without any delay. The second firmware fix was for the Surface Type Cover, and it improves the function keys, short cuts, and keyboard navigation improvements for the covers.

Better Camera Fixes For The Surface Pro Units

The Surface Pro got a particular update that is 100% focused on the camera on the Surface Pro. The LifeCam driver has been updated and it helps with low light usage and helps users when they switch between the two different modes, being the external camera and its built-in integrated camera.

Users of the Surface RT units be get their updates almost immediately and not require any process to get them. The Surface RT units update automatically and that is built into the units. With the Surface Pro units though, users can choose to get the updates or not via the automatic update feature. Users of the Surface Pro can switch in between getting updates or not on the units, and they should update the camera drivers as soon as they can if they are facing any problems with delays using the camera.

With both of these updates by Microsoft with the Surface RT and Surface Pro units, Microsoft is listening to their customers regarding any bugs or fixes, and releasing them according to its general patch releases on Tuesdays. With this, Microsoft is giving its users of both products frequent updates, is listening to what they need, and fixing whatever might be broken on either units

Published: Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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