Windows RT 8.1 Update Issued Again

On Monday, Microsoft reissued their Windows RT 8.1 update to users, shortly after the initial release sparked a number of problems for Windows RT users. The initial download was pulled by Microsoft, and the latest update went live on the Microsoft servers on Monday.

The update for Windows RT devices was causing havoc for users, and caused users problems when trying to install it to their Windows RT tablets and devices. The newest fixed update though will make it easier for users to update to the Windows RT 8.1 operating system from Microsoft.

Microsoft Issues Fixed Windows RT 8.1 Update On Monday

Initial Update Caused Bricked Machines

The initial Windows RT 8.1 update from Microsoft caused Windows RT devices to brick and caused devices to seize up when trying install the operation system update. This unfortunately gaffe by Microsoft let those users flood social media, forums, and Microsoft email support with questions and cries for help from them. The problems triggered Microsoft to almost initially pull the update within a day.

Users were seeing bricked machines, but Microsoft issued a statement that stated they were investigating situations that affected a limited number of users when they updated from Windows RT 8.1. The removal of the update seemed to help as Microsoft updated the Windows RT 8.1 Update package and the latest update package seems to work normally for users trying to update.

Latest Windows RT 8.1 Images Surface On Monday From Microsoft

Windows RT 8.1 Features

The latest Windows RT 8.1 download is approximately 3.7 GB and is a sizable download for those Windows RT users. The download includes Mail, People, Photos, SkyDrive, Music, Video, and other applications. In addition, it also includes the Office Home and Student 2013 RT package which are optimized for the Windows RT experience.

The main features of Windows RT 8.1 include the Windows Update and Windows Defender updates, Bitlocker updates to help secure data, an InstantGo to turn on immediately and keep services up to date, and more. Other features include a more fluid interface, Internet Explorer 11, a better designed touch interface, and more apps designed for mouse and keyboard usage.

The latest fix to Windows RT 8.1 is huge news for the Surface and Surface Pro users in the world, and comes right in time for Microsoft’s newest launches of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 units on Tuesday. It has fixes that are much needed.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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