Windows Phone Wins Over China, Leaves iPhone Behind

Microsoft had already announced their plans to take over the iPhone in China with their Tango handset and now they have actually done it.
AT&T CEO believes Windows 8 will boost Windows Phone’s market value

Windows Phone Is Now #2 In World’s Largest Smartphone Market

Microsoft had set overtaking the iPhone as a stepping-stone on the way to defeating the Android behemoth in China. And this first step has finally come to pass. Microsoft’s Windows Phone has taken the Chinese smartphone wielder by surprise and has soared up past the iPhone to the number two position. The Windows Phone handset available there is ‘Tango’.

Windows Phone has 7% market share in China currently and that is within only two months of launching in the country. iPhone is at 6%, right behind Windows Phone. And since this is the world’s largest Smartphone market, that percentage really does mean quite a lot of phones being sold. But Microsoft is not impressed yet.

According them, this is just the first milestone and the actual goal is yet to come in to sight. They expect Windows 8 to launch the Windows Phone platform in an accelerated growth curve where the newly established unified experience across tablets, smartphones and other PC devices will boost sales. Microsoft talks about Windows 8 tablet-pc hybrids that will not only make sense to the consumer in general but it will also fuel growth inside businesses. So they are looking to penetrate both the enterprise market as well as the market for the individual consumer on the streets. They are both very lucrative areas to be in and so far Microsoft OS has successfully run on both. So we will just have to wait and see whether Microsoft can actually pull this off yet again.

Published: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 Last Modified: May 31, 2012

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