Windows Phone Now With 7-Eleven App

Many Windows Phone users are on the go, and being mobile, they always need to know where their next beverage, food, or convenience shopping might be located.

On Monday, 7-Eleven launched their official app for Windows Phone, and should make many mobile users happy.

While this app might sound trivial to many, the 7-Eleven chain of stores is located around the globe. Their desire to launch their mobile app on the Windows Phone 8 app system shows their commitment both to Microsoft and to mobile users, as they realize how important they are to them.

7-Eleven Launches App For Windows Phone 8 Users On Monday

The 7-Eleven App on Windows Phone 8

The Windows Phone 8 app from 7-Eleven will give users the ability to find the closest 7-Eleven, browse products in the stores, and see the specials going on at their local store. People on the run, especially mobile users are always travelling and knowing where they are and what stores are close by is highly important.

7-11 Appreciates Mobile Commerce

One of the most important things about the Windows 8 release of this app is the ability for users to save on products and to redeem coupons in the stores. The Windows Phone 8 operating system allows users to photograph coupons, clip notes to their phones, and use the integrated maps to find the nearest store. Users can always find their favorites and filter locations as well.

Windows 8 Gaining Major Apps

This latest app by 7-Eleven shows that companies are finding Windows Phone 8 important, and an ecosystem where they want their apps to be present on. Many companies are launching them quickly on Windows Phone, and finding those users the kind of users they want. By offering them multi-tasking apps with location details and high detailed apps, they can give customers and especially mobile ones great apps.

The Windows Phone 8 is growing quickly, and the latest 7-Eleven app clearly shows that. The chain with thousands of stores wants to embrace Windows Phone 8 users and bring them into their stores, and are doing it with users in mind. The app is available today and available in the Windows Phone Store for users around the globe.

Published: Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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