Windows Phone Leading The Way in Latin America

In its global numbers released on Monday, the research group IDC announced that the Windows Phone platform from Microsoft is lighting up the cell towers throughout Latin America. The numbers show that the phone platform is truly expanding as a global brand around the globe.

In its numbers, the Windows Phone platform is growing faster than ever imagined, and shows that the Windows Phone ecosystem is also expanding. The Windows brand along with low cost phones from Nokia are bringing Windows Phones throughout Latin America and expanding the Windows Phone brand.

Windows Phone Is Exploding Throughout Latin America

20% Growth Noted

The research numbers by IDC show that the operating system grew in the Latin American region by 20% in a quarter-to-quarter comparison. This marked it in second place for the third quarter of the year. The phone is showing tremendous growth in these countries and gaining new users daily.

The Latin American countries of Columbia, Peru, and Mexico are the fastest growing countries for Windows Phone growth according to the IDC report. It is second place in market share behind Android, and is at a 156^ year-on-year growth throughout these countries. In Chile, it is ranking the highest it has ever, and Microsoft is proud.

The Nokia 520 Is Leading The Windows Phone Charge In Latin America

Why Latin America?

The reason for the growth in Latin America is the combination of a great Windows Phone operating system mixed with low cost phones. The Nokia 520 for example is one of the hottest phones in the regions, and they are getting this inexpensive phone in customers hands daily. They understand their users needs and are giving them great phones at that.

With Nokia as its launch partner in the region, Windows Phone is bringing top quality phones to Latin America affordably. They are branching out with their Nokia 1020 and Lumia 820/920 units, but the majority of these users are wanting an inexpensive phone mixed with affordable smartphone pricing with the local telco providers. The drive for smartphones in these Latin American countries is growing daily, and Windows Phone is the reason for it.

I love that Windows Phone is expanding beyond the US. It is growing everywhere, and Nokia was a perfect brand partner with its global brand and quality phones it can deliver.

Published: Thursday, November 21st, 2013 Last Modified: November 21, 2013

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