Windows Phone HERE Navigation Apps Now Avaialble

On Wednesday, Microsoft and Windows Phone released updaters to their Windows Phone navigation app HERE. These apps have been updated with the summer travel plans of consumers going into full force, and gives Windows Phone more reasons to be used during travels.

The updates made to the Windows Phone HERE app is a free app that is available on the Windows Phone. The app features numerous different functions, and gives travelers on the go, and those looking to explore during the summer, new and exciting ways to use their Windows Phone while traveling.

Microsoft and Windows Phone Update HERE transit and maps app

HERE Maps Updated

The HERE maps update includes transit station details and the ability to pause reality scenes for future exploring, which should make travelers very happy. The ability to visit and use public transit stations with the HERE maps app in large cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, and others will give city vacationers easier access to transit data during their trips.

HERE Transit With Enhanced Transit Maps and Schedules

The HERE Transit app now includes schedules and routes for subways, trains, buses, and more in one place. With all the transit directions all included in one major navigation app by Windows Phone, travelers can use mass transit to their fullest extent, and explore at will.

HERE Drive With Traffic and Conditions Updated

With the HERE Drive updates, users can choose favorites, give real time communication with traffic directions included, and more. For those who travel internationally, the HERE Drive+ app can be loaded and that gives access to over 95 different countries as well.

Overall, these updates made to the Windows Phone navigation application is a huge update to Windows Phone by Microsoft. It gives users on the go and travelers, a new app to use while they are on their summer vacation and on vacations to come. These constantly updated apps give Windows Phone users more and more reasons to love their Windows Phones, and gives Microsoft more support in the phone world with its customers. These updates are coming fast and furious to the Windows Phones, and are giving customers more and more happiness about choosing their Windows Phones over Android and iPhones. These updates should only help Microsoft with its sales of Windows Phones to come.

Published: Friday, July 19th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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