Windows Phone Getting Dual SIM Options?

News came out on Tuesday surrounding the latest batch of Windows Phones that Nokia might be releasing in the wild soon. In those screenshots released on a number of tech sites, the dual SIM is making an appearance for the first time, and should please many who travel.

The phone as its code name of “Moneypenny” is called, is the first dual SIM Windows Phone on the market. By allowing customers to use a dual SIM card, they won’t have to carry multiple phones for work and play, and should appeal to the larger global market that Windows Phone is attracting.

Dual SIM Windows Phone From Nokia And Microsoft Spotted

Why Dual SIM?

The dual sim, codenamed “Moneypenny”, is attractive since it gives customers options for two SIM cards. The phones are highly popular in emerging markets, and countries like India find dual SIM cards on the market for almost every phone imaginable. By giving professionals a work and personal phone in one, it will get buyers interested quickly.

In building a dual SIM Windows Phone, Nokia is using its name in the emerging markets to give customers what they want. The reported screenshot shows the phone with two different calling options, and should make an appearance soon. Not much is known about the device yet, but a dual SIM option is something highly desired for Windows Phones globally.

Dual SIM Windows Phones Desired Globally

Lumia Phones Probable Choice

The Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 have been reported to become the very first dual SIM phones that will make an appearance in India and other global markets. It will have a 4.5-inch display, and rumors of a price point around the $130 mark are being speculated by analysts. It will make it a very attractive offer to those wanting a dual SIM Windows Phone.

If Microsoft gets this phone right with Nokia, this will be a huge seller. It will give customers what they want, the Windows Phone branding in emerging markets, and Windows Phone a first for dual SIM calling options. While the announcement isn’t official as of yet, the rumors are pretty strong that this phone exists and will be shown off soon, possibly during CES.

I’ve used dual SIM phones and enjoy it. I carry two phones, and would love a dual SIM Windows Phone if I could.

Published: Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 Last Modified: December 25, 2013

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